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Shutters Sunshine Coast

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Life on the Sunshine Coast comes with a long list of benefits. From great weather to outdoor entertaining to beautiful views of the sun. However, in order to enjoy all that your home has to offer, shutters are almost a necessity. Indoor and outdoor shutters can provide a long list of benefits. Sunshine Coast homes with well designed and shutters are highly sought after. If your home or business is not properly equipped with the best shutters on the market, Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds can help. Having spent the last 20 years as the leading shutter supplier and installer in the Sunshine Coast, Nicki’s is ready to help.

Types Of Shutters Sunshine Coast

Most homeowners are surprised by the number of shutter options that they have access to. You may have assumed that there were not all that many options for your home. Luckily there are many different types and styles of shutters. In the Sunshine Coast area, however, it is essential to focus on quality, strength and appearance. Inside the home, PVC shutters will provide better protection from the sun and additional privacy. Outdoors the aluminium shutters tend to be an excellent choice for both home and business applications. Whether you are looking to add shutters to a high rise or your balcony, Nicki’s can custom create an option that will work for your space. Timber Shutters can bring a very warm and finished look to your home. These shutters come in many colours and offer energy savings and privacy.

Indoor and Outdoor Shutters

As you can see, in the Sunshine Coast area, both indoor and outdoor shutters can be of importance. When the weather is nice, and the scenery is beautiful, it is all about maximising both indoor and outdoor space. After all, as strong as that Sunshine Coast sun is, sometimes it makes sense to block it out just a bit. When homeowners install shutters in their home, they must consider both indoor and outdoor shutters. Only then will you have the perfect mix of all the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds knows how to address all the problem spots in your home.

Sunshine Coast Shutters Help Extend Living Space and Comfort

Sometimes we don’t need a larger home; we need a more useable one. If you are avoiding certain rooms of your house because of light or temperature, shutters can help. If you have recently renovated your outdoor space and want some extra curb appeal or privacy, outdoor shutters are the best choice. So many homeowners assume there is just one type of shutter on the market. Let Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds open your eyes to some of the options.

Highly Trained Staff and Technicians

As wonderful as Sunshine Coast Shutters can be, the installation of the shutters is the most critical part. If shutters are not installed correctly, there could be structural damage to your home. In addition, you may find that are usability and functionality issues. At Nicki’s, our staff is highly trained and capable of handling any problems that may come up with your shutter installation. Throughout the process, we will guide you and be a pillar of support while your project is being completed.

Choosing The Best Shutters Sunshine Coast

Now that your eyes are open to the number of options you have for Sunshine Coast shutters, how will you choose the ones that are right for you? That’s where Nicki’s comes in. With over 20 years of experience, Nicki’s has the expertise required to help you choose the best shutters. In addition to appearance, durability, functionality and material choices matter. There are certain things we have learned that just don’t work. Avoid those issues by going with an experienced shutter company in the Sunshine Coast.

Other Services We Offer

​In addition to supplying and installing shutters, we are also pleased to offer awnings, plantation shutters, folding arm awnings, PVC shutters, multi stop awnings, aluminium shutters​, ​side channel awnings​ and more​. Please take a look at our additional service pages for a full overview of the services that Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds offers.

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There are quite a few considerations to make when purchasing and installing indoor and outdoor shutters on the Sunshine Coast. One of those is choosing the right company. At Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds, Sunshine Coast shutters are our speciality. We know how to combine modern innovation with user-friendly features. You will be amazed by what shutters can do for your property. Don’t hesitate to have one of our highly trained staff take a look at your property today. We will listen to your needs and ideas and come up with a plan that works. Shutters are a long term investment, and Nicki’s is your trusted resource.

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