Veri Shades Sunshine Coast

Veri Shades Sunshine Coast

Trusted Veri Shades Installation Company

Veri Shades Sunshine Coast

Elite Veri Shade Installation

Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds have been working with families and businesses along the Sunshine Coast for years. With so much knowledge and experience backing our team. We are among if not the only elite installation company on the Sunshine Coast. We work hard and efficiently to provide our customers with the very best quality Veri Shades. Yet Most importantly a flawless Veri Shades installation.

Veri Shades, Fun For The Whole Family

Veri Shades have been a sophisticated, soft and playful home design option available on the Sunshine Coast for years. With colours and materials picked specially by interior designers. They make for a beautiful addition to any Sunshine Coast home. The safety features included mean babies and pets can be happily playing around them. No danger in sight. Our completely customisable Veri Shades can be walked through at any point. Falling gracefully back in place. Specially designed soft materials eliminate any bulky and loud issues we’ve all experienced with curtains. Perfect for that same curtain feeling, minus the blockout of Sunshine Coast views and highlighting the Coast sounds. Veri Shades are perfect for Sunshine Coast homes.

Customisable Veri Shades In Various Ways

25+ colour ways and materials for both the Veri Shades and tracks used in installation. There’s no reason not to try Veri Shades in your Sunshine Coast home. Designed to span over an open space of upto 6 meters. Additionally Veri Shades can be cut to measure. Making them perfect for any opening in your home. Easy to clean and affordable replacements. Veri Shades make for the perfect, elegant addition to any Sunshine Coast home. Finally, before you even ask for a quote, design a visual element to your home with our Veri Shades brands interactive visualiser!

Twenty Years Experience On The Sunshine Coast

With over 20 years experience, Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds can help you with any of your Veri Shades needs and wants. We understand how overwhelming it can be choosing the right Veri Shades for your Sunshine Coast home. Our team at Nicki’s on the Sunshine Coast can eliminate that pressure. With so much experience we do the research for you! Explain to us what you’re looking for in your private consultation. From there we will pick favourite material and colour options. Thirdly, from what our team has picked, make your own personalised choice. Most importantly, pick a date and our Sunshine Coast Veri Shades installation team will get to work. Veri Shades in your Sunshine Coast home, installed as easy as that. No, Seriously we’ve got you covered!

Contact Our Veri Shades Team Today!

Contact us, Let us get you started with your Veri Shades today! Contact our team to arrange your free quote. Secondly, arrange a private design consultation, Finally pick a date for our Sunshine Coast installation team to come to you! Here at Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds we’re excited to hear from you! Servicing Sunshine Coast For years prior and years to come. Nicki’s will have you coming back for more.

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Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds is a leading, family owned, Sunshine Coast based company, with over 20 years experience installing premium blinds and security screens.

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