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Awnings Caloundra

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Awnings Caloundra

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Awnings can be a great addition to any home. However, in the Caloundra area, there is even more reason to enjoy your outdoor space. With the beautiful climate, scenic views and impressive landscaping, outdoor life in Caloundra is second to none. If you have no shade and no protection for the weather, spending time on your patio can be a bit more complicated. Luckily, that is where an awning can help to save the day. Choosing an awning for your Caloundra home should not have to be difficult. After all, Caloundra residents are lucky to have the top awning supplier and installer located in their local area. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds can do everything from design to installation of your new awnings. Whether you are replacing something already existing or ready to make an addition to your property, Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds has you covered.

Custom Caloundra Awnings

One of the major concerns of homeowners is that there will be no awning choices for their home. If you have a unique home or you are worried about the way the awning will look at your house, rest assured that there are custom solutions for your needs. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds offers close to ten different awning options. If none of these options is a fit, we can manufacture something custom just for your needs. Custom awnings can be tough to find. Most of the time, you will be stuck waiting for production and shipping. However, having this luxury right in the Caloundra area makes the process much quicker and more affordable.

More Than 20 Years Experience In The Caloundra Area

Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds has been serving the Caloundra area for more than twenty years. In the last twenty years, we have developed systems and procedures to help ensure that our awning projects are successful each and every time. Twenty years has also taught us what looks the best on a Caloundra home. If you are worried about the impacts an awning will have on your home, we can put your mind at ease. After all, anytime you invest in your home like this, it is essential to choose a licensed and certified professional.

Focus on Superior Customer Service

The team at Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds has been well trained and prepared for any awning project. Our staff can take you from your request for a quote all the way to a finished awning project. We stay in constant communication with our customers so that you always know where to find us, and we are always available to help. Superior customer service is a goal of our business.

Design, Supply, Installations

Some awning companies will be able to supply the products for you, and others will be able to install them. It is a bit more challenging to find a company that can do it all. At Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds, you get a one-stop shop for all of your awning needs. Going through one company for this entire project will save you time. In addition, you can save yourself the headache of having to coordinate everything to work. We will handle that part for you.

Budget and Timeline Matter

When installing an awning in Caloundra, the budget matters. You will lose a bit of the enjoyment that your awning brings if you are constantly reminded of how expensive it was to install. Having spent twenty years in the industry, we understand that each project has a different budget. At Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds, we can help guide you into the awnings that will fit within your budget. There are lots of state of the art designs and technology on the market, but that does not mean they are for everyone. Finding the awning that works within your budget and timeline is our speciality.

Contact Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds

At Nicki’s Professional Security Screens and Blinds, no awning project is too big or too small. In fact, even if you need an awning installed at your business and your home, we can handle both. Our customer service team is ready and willing to get you started in this process. Our goal is to continue to serve the Caloundra area with the highest quality and nicest looking awnings for years to come. After all, having an awning on your home or business is the best way to enjoy all that Caloundra has to offer.

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