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Security Screens Sunshine Coast

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Security Screens Sunshine Coast

Over Twenty Years Experience On The Sunshine Coast

Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds have been assisting customers on the Sunshine Coast for over twenty years. Our design and installation teams supply the Sunshine Coast with top quality security screens. As well as a range of other products. We have been trusted with customers’ homes and businesses. As a result, we guarantee your home will have an added layer of safety with our security screens. At Nicki’s we only offer the highest possible quality security screens. We are Sunshine Coast’s most trusted security screens specialists. Leaving your home and business completely secure. Let our team at Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds get your home and business fitted with security screens today.

Security For Your Sunshine Coast Home And Business

Living life on the Sunshine Coast can be lush and luxurious. What’s more important than keeping your family and belongings safe? Nothing. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds can fit and install the very best security screens as soon as you need them. Book in with us and set your date. You just can not wait to keep your Sunshine Coast home safe. Better yet Nicki’s can install heavy duty, durable security screens to your business. Taking away any stress you may feel from locking up to go home. There is no better way than to keep your hard work safe than with SecureView security screens and blinds. Additionally, Nicki’s security screens will not only keep your hard work and home safe. They will add a market value to your property. Without taking away from the style of door/windows behind them.

SecureView And Xceed Security Screens

Nicki’s security screens are Independently tested to Australian standard. Our security screens will only be sold to you on the Sunshine Coast if they withstand our ultimate peace of mind tests. Including, Knife Sheer Test, Pull Test, Jemmy Test, Impact Test, Probe Test and Sheer Test. Continuing in the next paragraph is a brief description of what these tests involve. At Nicki’s we deem it important to mention this as it proves our security screens ability to keep your home safe. All of our SecureView and Xceed security screens supplied on the sunshine coast have been tested or will be tested on order. As a result, leaving you with ultimate peace of mind.

Tested for you safety

The knife sheer test is designed to test strength. Involving applied mechanical force with a heavy duty knife to the security screen. Carried out three times with a new blade. The security screen must not allow the blade to make an incision greater than 150mm. The jemmy test and Pull test come hand in hand. Initially a lever is wedged between the security screen lock and hinge as well as the door frame. Then a mechanical winch is used in an attempt to pry the door open. If no gap has formed there is no reason to initiate a pull test as there is nowhere to hold onto in a real scenario. All our security screens and windows must pass the jemmy test to be sold. Continuing on you will not have to worry about the pull test. It is there to test the off chance the jemmy test did create a gap. Most importantly, and likely to occur in a real scenario. The impact test. Designed to simulate a physical attack on the security screen and/or window. A large pendulum weight is used against the screen. To sufficiently pass the security screen must survive 5 impact tests.

Safety And Style On The Sunshine Coast

With over 25 colour options Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds will have a security screens style to suit your Sunshine Coast home. Use our security screens brand colour selector to gain a visual on what security screens may look like on your Sunshine Coast home. Designed using steel woven mesh and an extruded aluminium frame. Not only will security screens add value and style to your home, most importantly, they will add the strongest layer of safety. The mesh used is chosen for its suburb strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, making it far superior to the 304 steel mesh on the market. Nicki’s SecureView security screens and windows are manufactured using a patented tensioning tool. Enabling it to be customer cut and built for most large openings without mid rails.

Affordable Quality Security Screens

Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds Sunshine Coast, settle for nothing less than extraordinary quality. Our team has done in depth research to find the most secure and durable security screen suppliers available. Therefore, you can put your mind to rest knowing you have the most reliable security screens available on the Sunshine Coast. Additionally, one way mesh is available in our full colour range. Featuring an aluminium frame and tamper-proof stainless steel screws, our entry level security screens are one of the most cost effective options available. In the next paragraph contact Nicki’s professional security screens and blinds Sunshine Coast team to see what we can do for your cost effective security screens. Our team will assist you in finding the perfect security screens to add protection to your Sunshine Coast home.

Contact Us For Your Sunshine Coast Security Screens

Any further questions regarding security screens and blinds? Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds have got you covered. Give us a call at our Sunshine Coast headquarters to book your private consultation and installation of security screens today! In conclusion, no home or business is completely secure until our heavy duty security screens have been installed. Let our team assist you in making the best safety choice for your home. Allowing you to leave your home and business alone, free of worry. We look forward to sitting down with you to design your customisable security screens. Most importantly, install them to perfection as soon as we can.

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