How To Choose The Right Security Screens & Doors For My Home?

How To Choose The Right Security Screens & Doors For My Home?

Deciding to invest in Security Screens & Doors for your home is not only a smart decision to make but also will equip your home with a series of benefits. So what makes Security Screens & Doors an essential addition to your home? Security Screens & Doors have the ability of offering your home complete peace of mind, they will protect your home and belongings from a variety of possible scenarios. When you choose the right Security Screens & Doors, they can come with additional benefits which contribute to the overall look, comfort and efficiency of your home. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds have 3 different types of Security Screens & Doors all of which offer their own benefits. On top of their individual benefits, all of our Security Screens & Doors features meet Australian Standards. Find the right Security Screens & Doors for your home by reading about the three different tiers we offer. Once you have had a read or even now, have a more play with our colour wheel selector! The colour selector is a fun and interactive tool to help you visualise security screens in your home.


The most premium of our Security Screens & Doors range. SecureView Security Screens & Doors come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 11 Years. They are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh and extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method. This particular mesh is chosen for its incredible strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Our SecureView range is among the elite offered on the market and although sounds expensive and falls under our premium option, is actually still offered at an affordable and fair price! When it comes to manufacturing, SecureView screens use a patented tensioning tool which enables Nicki’s Security Screens & Doors to be custom-built to your purchase and fitting specifications.


Our Xceed Security Screen Doors and Windows are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 7 Years. They are made from an extremely durable perforated aluminium sheet. The frame is made from extruded aluminium using a patented fixing method. The affordable results will exceed any and all of your expectations. Xceeds perforated aluminium Security Screens & Doors are a great cost effective alternative to our SecureView woven mesh screens. Meeting Australian standards, they have the corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium option and act as a sun shade to reduce heat. The Xceed perforated aluminium is thinner and stronger than the commonly used architectural grade aluminum and is backed by CommandeX Pty Ltd 7 Year Warranty. As a result, they deliver greater see-through visibility.

Diamond Grille

For our budget conscious customers, our entry level Barrier Screens & Doors range are noted for their strength & durability. They utilise a traditional diamond pattern to match any potential existing Barrier Screens. With Diamond Grille, you have the option of either 7mm Diamond or Small Diamond & you can include one-way mesh, which increases the level of privacy in your home. Although they may not be available in the complete colour wheel that the above Security Screens are, Diamond Grille Screen & Doors are offered in a personalised and elegant range of colours, bound to suit your home aesthetic. Featuring an aluminium frame and tamper-proof stainless-steel screws, our entry level Barrier Screens & Doors are one of the most cost-effective home security options available to you.

How Will I Know If My Security Screen Doors Are Strong Enough?

Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds works closely with the supplier of our Security Screens & Doors, ensuring they are individually testing every product we sell to you. Our Security Screens & Doors supplier, CommandeX follows a strict testing regime. Including four compulsory tests with two more tests to back them up. In total your individual Security Screens & Doors will pass the security tests, with the two additional tests completed when needed. For more information regarding the details of each individual test, follow our link provided. Your Security Screens & Doors, will be cyclone, fire and corrosion resistant, and most importantly, they will be ready and equipped to protect and prevent your home from any potential break-ins.

Installation Of Your Preferred Security Screens

The installation of your security screens is the final link to home security improvement. Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds has options for every situation and budget. Whether choosing our SecureView, Xceed or Diamond Grille screens, consistent security and high standard installation is provided. All of our installation experts are specialists in their field. We provide you with an enduring peace of mind that your home is always protected.