Veri Shades: The New Version Of Curtains

Sunshine Coast Curtains

Veri Shades are a new kind of window covering that can be adjusted to any height, width, or length. They’re made out of a variety of 7 different fabrics all with a modern design that is sure to add flair and elegance to any home. Veri Shades are the perfect solution for people who don’t want to deal with curtains, drapes, or blinds and are looking to be resourceful for space.

The Perfect Union Of Curtains And Blinds

Have you ever found yourself looking at your curtains or vertical blinds wondering why they’re not satisfying your design dreams? Our Veri Shades may be exactly what you are looking for. With a unique union of curtains and vertical blinds, Veri Shades bring your home the practicality of curtains and the space efficiency of vertical blinds. Additionally, they add a modern elegance to any home they’re installed in. Veri Shades are a perfect choice for those who want an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use addition to their home. Our easy to use features include wand or motorised operation, the choice is yours! Turn your Veri Shades one way and they will offer a light blocking feature, by turning your Veri Shades in the opposite direction natural light will fill your home. So, what is it about Veri Shades that makes them different to Curtains? Not only are Veri Shades removing any unnecessary space consumption in your home. They take a modern twist on curtains by allowing you to walk through them at any point, due to the special design of individual blades. Veri Shades will separate allowing you to walk through and fall with elegance behind you.

Completely Customisable To Your Home

The beauty of Veri Shades not only lies in the versatility but their customisable aspects. If you are interested in installing Veri Shades in your home you’ll be pleased to hear we offer 7 different fabrics and 3 track designs. Veri Shades offer you the best chance at creating your dream home. Their versatile design allows them to compliment any space, adding light control and privacy when required whilst still maintaining their elegance. Not only can they be designed to your liking, Veri Shades will fit most openings in your home. To find out if Veri Shades will fit the area of your home you’re hoping for, give our team a call or contact us via email with some measurements. From there we will work alongside you, designing the Veri Shades of your dreams.

How Do You Keep Veri Shades Clean?

Veri Shades are made from an easy care fabric that is resistant to fading and soiling. Once your Veri Shades have been installed, maintaining their lifespan is easier than you may think. For smaller stains and marks simply use a damp cloth as you would any other linen-like fabric. For a deeper clean investing in a steamer will be your Veri Shades best friend, prolonging their lifespan while looking brand new. Our Veri Shades will have your home feeling fresh at all times, while still maintaining adequate safety for children and pets.

Veri Shades will complete your home design dreams with their elegant finish and modern technology. Specially designed with an easy care fabric that has been designed to last, your Veri Shades will never leave you unsatisfied. With 7 different fabrics, 3 track designs and cut to your size preference, you can design Veri Shades to suit any room in your home. With specially designed soft fabrics, Veri Shades will stay silent even in a breeze. Therefore making them the perfect addition to any bedroom. If you’re still wondering if Veri Shades are what you are looking for, give our team here at Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds a call today!