Nicki’s is proud to bring to you the most exciting retractable screen on the market ZIPSLIDE™.

ZIPSLIDE™ retractable screens have an inbuilt lifetime adjustment enabling the screen height to be set to the millimetre. The bottom track is the lowest on the market with a retention system and is strong enough for a vehicle to drive over it without causing any damage.

The screen is fully framed and can span over 5 metres as a single screen and works perfectly with BI FOLD Doors or SLIDING STACKING Doors. The top track system includes dual wheels, allowing the screen to roll smoothly, quietly and evenly.









The unique locking system allows the screen to stop wherever you like and can be easily adjusted, with a removable cassette allowing for easy cleaning.

Available in over 200 different colours and choose from Sunscreen or Privacy Mesh.

ZIPSLIDE™ Retractable Screens are Australian Made & Owned.

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